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 love pressures...

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PostSubject: love pressures...   Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:37 pm

its hard to luv a person whom u dont know if his feelings are still for u...

it breaks my heart evrytime i hear dat voice saying i must let go..
wen i still cant... drowning...drowned...drown....
i feel empty... he's still wit' me but i dont thnk he still love me the way he did in the past few months...
so i choose to follow my heart.. I let go...

do u believe love really fades???
if we chose to love a person are we soon to let go?
is it meant to be or just as ... we just lyk to let go?

Love is a complicated matter...
evrytime i fall in love i got stuck...and that sucks! No

and evrytime i fall out of love i beg for somethng to someone that wouldnt be mine....
after all, life sucks again...

falling in love is just one step away from falling out of love...
and a word the same ...

Love is a matter of FOOLING or to be Fooled!
Doom is the end...
and nothing is the start...

waiting in vain...wanted to be wit' u agen...
it doesnt matter what i felt before, wats more important is ur wit' me again..
so wat do u thnk of me now?

a damn pressured lover or a fighter?

but if u r going to take my place..
will u choose to be with me even if i dont love u anymore?

but i want to go back again from those times u have love me that much!
that u make me feel im the happiest person in the world..

i felt serenity....
but wen i left u i feel broke...

if he does come bck to me its better...than killing my emotions imagining how empty my life w/o him...

i really never wish to pls love me again..

but PLs do...

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PostSubject: Re: love pressures...   Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:47 pm

wooooww... that made me cry..


i mish him so badly..

*sigh.. time to move on ria.. Sad Sad Sad
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love pressures...
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